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We don’t specify a specific age range — exactly why is 40 ok, yet not 41? — but We constantly mention that i’m in search of someone age-appropriate. You described above: similar needs, and at similar places in our lives for me age-appropriate is similar to what.

Recently I had an excellent date with a person 12 12 months my senior; we met online and he ended up being certainly a bit older we had a great connection than I typically go for, but. Having said that, i will be approached by males nearly twice my age on a regular foundation and these males usually have a sense of entitlement and a giant selection of good reason why i will date them. These reasons center around their values instead than mine — money, the sensed “immaturity” of guys my own age, job achievements, etc. we find these conversations to be really off-putting; these guys are ignoring my clearly stated values in benefit of the worth of youth. (suite…)